Angela C

English, Maths, Science , Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Interview Technique

PGCE Teacher Training, TESOL, Postgraduate Forensic Science

Christ Church Cathedral School, Hendon Preparatory School, Milton Keynes Preparatory School, EtonX


Angela is an expert in pre-test preparation to the highly competitive UK private schools. She has an excellent knowledge of the entrance exam requirements for British public schools, including Eton, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey and Sevenoaks. She has worked to prepare children in Maths and Science, through 13+ Common Entrance, 13+ Scholarship and also to success with GCSE particularly in the Sciences. Some students have been boosted from the bottom of their class to the top. Working on their confidence can be the key to see a major improvement in their performance. Angela tailors each lesson to a student's needs and individual learning style. She could not work harder in terms of preparation and dedication and will go to the nth degree to accommodate her students. She is a happy, caring and dynamic teacher who thrives on helping children to reach their goals.

During Angela's NQT year, she had the highly unusual honour of being appointed as a head of department in a London Prep school. During this time she highlighted issues that caused changes in science departments across over 120 schools. She also ran scholarship clubs, booster sessions and gave up her lunches and time after school to help students gain entry to the school of their choice. Parents commented to the headteacher that they had never seen anyone so dedicated to helping the children pass their entrance exams.

She then went on to teach at a prep school in Milton Keynes. Here she ran intervention lessons for children who struggled with English and maths and extension classes for children who were gifted and talented. During her time here, the independent schools inspectors rated Angela as an Excellent teacher(the highest level given to a teacher at that time)commenting that they had never seen such empathy and solicitude in action before. They decided that the care she gave to children meant the children showed greater achievement. In her free time Angela also tutored local children through the local 11+ exams. Gaining families who would want her to tutor their children for many years.

All the previous hard work led to Angela being appointed as head of Science and PSHE at Christ Church Cathedral School In Oxford. Here she taught the children of many Oxford academics, even hosting talks given by some of Christ Church's leading academics to boost the children's career options and interests. Also running a leadership skills club to boost the pupils skills for future life and Interview technique. She helped pupils to gain entry to schools such as Eton, Harrow, Magdalean college school, Radley and Westminster. These also included scholarship places.

Angela then began tutoring children for entrance exams full time. Gaining an indepth knowledge of entrance exams for many of the top schools including Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey, Sevenoaks, Charterhouse and the Perse.

She was also trained by Eton and taken on as a leadership tutor in their leadership course collaboration with EtonX.

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