Angela C

English, Maths, Science , Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Interview Technique

PGCE teacher training

Christ Church Cathedral School, Hendon Prep, Milton Keynes Prep


Angela is an expert in pre-test preparation to the major public schools. She has an excellent knowledge of the entrance exam requirements for British public schools, including Eton, Westminster, Harrow, Merchant Taylor's and Magdalen. She has been Head of Science at prep schools in Oxford and London and worked to prepare children in Maths and Science, through 13+ Common Entrance, 13+ Scholarship and also to success with GCSE particularly in the Sciences. Angela tailors each lesson to a student's needs and individual learning style. She could not work harder in terms of preparation and dedication and will go to the nth degree to accommodate her students. She is a happy, caring and dynamic teacher who thrives on helping children to reach their goals.

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