History, Geography, Religious Studies

PGCE teacher training

St Paul's Cathedral School, extensive private tuition


Alison is Queen of humanities ! As Head of Department at St Paul’s Cathedral School, a well-reputed London Preparatory school, she lead the Humanities faculty, teaching History, Geography and RS and making sure that pupils were thoroughly prepared for their Common Entrance and Scholarship exam papers. She is familiar with the demands and expectations of leading public schools, such as Westminster, Eton, Winchester and City of London Schools for Boys and Girls, and has more recently had success with students to Harrow and Bloxham. Alison has experience teaching History to GCSE as well and has had students queuing up to take her classes! She is innovative in her approach and experienced in adapting learning to suit the child. Alison is passionate about engaging children with a love of learning and determined to ensure their success.

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