French, Spanish

PGCE teacher training

St Paul's School, Lycée Française Charles de Gaulle


Noura is passionate about teaching languages. She is a French national who has lived and worked in the UK for over 14 years teaching both French and Spanish. Noura has led a department and worked in some of the leading London independant schools, including St Paul’s boys School and the Lycée Française Charles De Gaulle. She has prepared students for iGCSE/GCSE and A level as well as tutoring for Common Entrance Examinations with an excellent success rate. Noura has had consistently superb feedback from the families that she has worked with, from those struggling with languages to the very brightest sparks needing an extra stretch and challenge.

Noura makes it her priority to deliver high quality lessons with a variety of engaging and challenging resources which respond to a range of learning needs and abilities.

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