Maths, Science

PGCE teacher training, Oxford University

Haselmere Prep School, The Royal Junior School, Amesbury Prep


Ben is a whizz at Maths for pre-tests, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance. He has a great deal of experience with Science as well, excelling at Scholarship level. Ben understands the high expectations of public schools and how to steer his students towards success. He is a highly motivated tutor who has a strong belief that all children can succeed if the correct approach to their style of learning can be found. His Psychology degree from Oxford University and his broad teaching experience has given him insight into respecting the individuality of every child and of adapting his teaching to each child’s personality and ability.

Ben has been Head of Science in two popular UK Prep schools and has a thorough knowledge of the curriculum for the 11+ and 13 + Common Entrance exams. He has taught and tutored both Science and Maths, helping children to win places and scholarships to prestigious schools such as St. Catherine’s (Bramley), St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Winchester and Charterhouse.

By engaging children in their own learning and by making tuition as enjoyable as possible, Ben believes that he can help them to grow in confidence and to reach their potential. His style of tutoring allows them to focus on exams without anxiety, helping them to understand questions and avoid errors. Most importantly, it can build up children’s belief in their own ability to succeed.

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