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Dulwich Prep London, The Hall, Virgo Fidelis Prep, Rosemead Prep, Ravenscourt Park


Dedicated and enthusiastic, Rachel has 15 years’ teaching experience. She set up the Classics Departments from scratch in two schools and, most recently, worked for seven years at The Hall, a leading prep school in London, preparing children for Latin Common Entrance and Scholarship exams, as well as Greek and History Common Entrance. Rachel believes that children can be fostered with a love of the Classics, through immersion in the exciting world of Greek and Roman Myths and Legends, and through an appreciation of ancient languages which give such an insight into our own English language
Having gained a BA Honours degree in Classics from Durham University, she went on to do a PGCE in Primary Years Teaching and started her career focussing on preparing children for 11+ Maths and English Entrance Exams, both within schools and as a private tutor.

Rachel is sensitive to the varying needs of her pupils, above all, the need for them to feel confident in their abilities; she meets this need by creating a relaxed and encouraging environment, whilst maintaining the focus essential in preparing for forthcoming exams.

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