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Sherborne School

Registration is generally in Year 5, or before and, following this, Sherborne encourages group visits by parents with or without their children. In Year 6, there is an opportunity to meet various housemasters and then, in Year 7, Sherborne hold a 'Sherborne At Work Day' to see the school in action. All registered pupils are then invited to an assessment day at Sherborne in March of Year 7. Following these pre-tests, a conditional place may be offered. These boys can then attend a 'Discovery Day' in October of Year 8 before going on to sit their entrance exams later in the year.

The Sherborne Scholarship exams are in February/March of Year 8 and then, for those attending a Prep School and preparing for the ISEB 13+ Common Entrance Exams, these are taken in June of Year 8. Students not at a Prep School are invited to sit Sherborne's own entrance papers between October and May of Year 8.

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