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The Cheltenham Ladies’ College

11+ is the most popular point of entry. However, there are some openings in other years. The first step is to register and be invited to sit pre-tests. Individual appointments are made with the assessors from February through to October of Year 6.

The pre-tests starts with a selection of questions on Maths, Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning. This assessment lasts 1 hour and is on paper. This is followed by a chat with the assessor (member of the teaching staff) and usually a tour of the school. The candidates can talk about a hobby that they are interested in or bring in something to talk about. In total, the assessment, with interview and tour, takes 2 hours.

The pre-test is not compulsory but, following a pre-test, the school can offer a conditional place dependant on a pass in the 11+ January exams. There is verbal feedback on the day of the pre-test assessment, followed by a written report.

All girls sit the January Entrance exams, whether they have taken the pre-tests or not. The January exams are in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. They are 1 hour each and all are on paper, as opposed to being computer-based. These are the school’s own exams and not ISEB 11+ Common Entrance Exams. Students abroad can take the exams with a private invigilator.

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