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Eton College

Eton prides itself on diversity, each year offering places to 260 boys from a range of schools both in the UK and internationally. Boys who enter through the King’s Scholarship are known as King’s Scholars and everyone else is known as an Oppidan.

Children wishing to be considered for Eton College entry at 13+ will need to sit a pre-test. Exams are computer based and taken either in the Autumn or Summer of Year 6 (age 10-11). For boys born between September and February, pre-test exams will be in the Autumn; for those born between March and August, pre-test exams will be in the Summer. Subjects include verbal, numerical and perceptual testing. Eton states that it is impossible to prepare for these tests but there are very few boys who do not do some extra work in preparation. Our specialist tutors are adept at giving boys the skills they need to deal with different types of VR, NVR, numerical reasoning and forces problems. Furthermore, Eton can throw in some Science questions as well as maths and numerical reasoning that children would not usually have covered.

Children are interviewed and have a school report sent from their current school. They can then be offered a conditional place based on the interview, the report and, most importantly, the results of these pre-test exams. Of note, the pre-test exams can only be taken once.

If offered a conditional place, those boys attending a Prep school will be expected to achieve a strong pass at Common Entrance Examinations at 13+ (the end of Year 8). Those not at Prep school take Eton's exam for the maintained sector or the King’s Scholarship. Similarly high standards are expected.

About 25 boys come to the school through New Foundation, Music and King’s Scholarships. These are taken in Year 8 (aged 12-13) and these boys will not have necessarily take the pre-test assessment at age 11.

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