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  • Top 10 ways to make Common Entrance French Oral stick!

    April 27, 2015.

    Common Entrance French Oral is just round the corner so, with 2 weeks to go, this is an opportune moment to make sure what’s going in is really staying in.  

    1.  Blast one topic at a time 

    Focus on ‘School’ for 10mins, take a quick break then come back for another 10minutes on a different topic, like ‘Myself’.  By changing the theme and only allowing a fixed amount of time to really focus, this should help concentration.  Beware: a quick break is no more than 5mins!

    2.  Little and often

    Much better to plan three twenty minute or half ...

  • How do Scholarship Entrance Exams differ?

    April 21, 2015.

    Scholarship entrance exams for 13+ are generally taken earlier in the year than Common Entrance.  Popular times for Scholarship exams are either in the Spring term of Year 8 (end of January, beginning of February) or in the first week of May.  Common Entrance would be in the first week after the summer half term, ordinarily the first week of June.  

    If a child succeeds with the Scholarship entrance exams and achieves an award, they will not need to sit Common Entrance.  If they are less lucky, usually they can still sit the Common Entrance Exams for a place at ...


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