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  • Should you use a private tutor?

    Nov. 28, 2014.

    Should you use a private tutor?

    Who should you listen to: Mums at the school gate? The Headmaster? Your child?  We’d advise listening to everyone before working out, on balance, whether a private tutor would be beneficial for your child.  There is no longer a taboo attached to receiving help from outside school and there are plenty of avenues to find a tutor.  The key is to make the right choices.  

    The first question: is there a need?

    Children will develop at their own rate and, if feeling on the back foot, they may need some one-on-one encouragement for ...

  • Helping your child prepare for November's Common Entrance Exams

    Nov. 18, 2014.

    Mock exams for Common Entrance can be more terrifying than the real thing in some respects.  Children have barely embarked on their Year 8 journey and the syllabus has not yet been taught in its entirety, let alone learnt.  Suddenly, exam week looms.

    Prep schools have different approaches to mock exams.  Some will use Common Entrance past papers, others will chop and change the structure and format to suit the topics covered to date.  Either way, seeing that title page with the words, ‘Common Entrance’, the fear will set in.

    To combat the pressure, the ideal approach is to enter ...


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